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Congratulation to Aryan Patil for winning First place in High Jump at National School Games
Congratulation to Aryan Patil for winning First place in High Jump at National School Games

Mahatma Education Society’s HOC Junior College of Arts, Science and Commerce is situated in a quaint but picturesque complex in Rasayani just a few kilometers away from Panvel. The school is blessed with over 36 acres of campus space allowing a lot of open space that enhance the whole experience of learning. It has the unique distinction of combining Indian values to meet global learning. It is an ideal environment for learning-teaching growth and development.

One of the aims of Mahatma Education Society’s Hindustan Organic Chemicals (HOC) is to develop a world class educational complex with schools, colleges and institutes specialising in Engineering, IT, Management and other upcoming fields. In 2006 the management of HOC invited the Mahatma Education Society (MES) to manage their International School at Rasayani.

Mahatma Education Society (MES) is a significant part of the Global Educational Revolution and ideally suited to bring HOC’s plans to fruition.


  • To create a vision among the academic community for generative approaches, for life and for education in particular.
  • To imbibe and to inculcate among the students the legitimate self-esteem and a confidence to face the challenges of the advanced decades of the 21st century.
  • Also to instill among the students a sense of integrity inspired by International thinking committed to local action and an effective personal response.
  • With the ultimate mission to respect, understand, to listen to, to generate and to foster life in all its dimensions, diversity, complexity, mystery, irony, paradox and transcendency.


The aim of MES’s HOC International School is to establish a legacy of World Class Educational Institutions in India and abroad.


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