ISRO Workshop

ISRO Workshop

Bringing ISRO to Children, HOCL School is bridging the gap between theory and Practice.

Aimed at Dissolving the gap between Theoretical and Practical Knowledge, HOCL School is Association with ISRO has been dedicating its efforts to create a Generation of Innovative thinkers. A one day workshop was organized by HOCL School for HOCL Students and the Neighbouring rural schools to give them a hands-on experience on Robotics and Satellite making. This workshop gave the students an opportunity to experience concepts taught in class in a practical way. Not only did this allow them to enjoy the chance to play and compete with each other, but also develop a better understanding of the Space Technology.

It was indeed a fun filled and knowledge Oriented Programme launched by HOCL School along with ISRO to impart basic knowledge on space technology, Space Science and Applications to the young ones to arouse their interest in space activities.


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