Sports Report


Ms. Vaishnavi Pawar: Std. XII student of HOC International School, Rasayani won Silver Medal in School National Power Lifting Championship held at Pune.

Ms. Vaishnavi being felicitated, by CEO MES Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai and sports dignitaries.

Mr. Ritik Kandari: Std. XIth student of HOC Jr. College represented Maharashtra in Junior National Volleyball Championship held at AP and the team reached super six after a gap of sixteen years. He also represented Mumbai zone and won the state title in the second consecutive year.

Ritik being felicitated by Legend Mr. Dharraj Pillay for his outstanding performance.

Mr. Sachin Tripati: Std. XI student of HOC International School & Jr. College, Rasayani captained Maharashtra in Jr. National Volleyball Championship and led the team to super six by beating the defending champion Kerala after a gap of 16 years. He also captained Mumbai zone and won the state title in the second consecutive year.

Master Ganesh Tote and Shinoj Mathew of HOC International School and Jr. College studying in XI Bio have bagged Gold Medal in ‘Power Lifting’ Sub Juniors District Level Championship held on 8th April, 2018 at Badlapur. Master Ganesh Tote was Declared as ‘Strongest man’ of the Sub Junior Group.

Master Ganesh Tote

Master Shinoj Mathew

Sports Report 2016-17


·Mst. Ganesh Tote of Class XI Bio has bagged the Gold Medal under the 75 kg boys category at the District Level Weightlifting Competition held at Alibag.
·Mst. Shinoj Mathew of Class XI Bio has bagged the Gold Medal under the 105 kg boys category at the District Level Weightlifting Competition held at Alibag.
·Ms. Vaishnavi Pawar of Class XII Com has bagged the Gold Medal under the 75 kg girls category at the District Level Weightlifting Competition held at Alibag.
·Ms. Komal Thombare of Class XII Bio has bagged the Bronze Medal under the 53 kg girls category at the District Level Weightlifting Competition held at Alibag.

Sports Report 2015-16


Under 19 Boys Volley team won the Raigad District Volleyball Competition.

Sports Report 2014-15

EventTournamentNumber of ParticipantsPosition
VolleyballU-19 D.S.O. District Championship07 BoysWinner
U-19 D.S.O. Division Championship07 BoysRunner-Up
S.G.F.I. National Championship01 BoyParticipation
Sub-Junior State Championship01 BoyParticipation
Senior State Championship01 BoyParticipation
TaekwondoU-12 Distric Association Championship05 Girls / 06 BoysGold-01, Silver-03, Bronze-02
U-15 Distric Association Championship01 Girls / 06 BoysGold-05, Silver-02, Bronze-00
D.S.O. District U-14 Championship15 Girls / 20 BoysGold-04, Silver-02, Bronze-06
D.S.O. District U-17 Championship02 Girls / 15 BoysGold-05, Silver-01, Bronze-02
D.S.O. District U-16 (Rgkka) Championship00 Girls / 04 BoysGold-03, Silver-01, Bronze-00
D.S.O. Divisional U-16 (Rgkka) Championship00 Girls / 03 BoysGold-03, Silver-00, Bronze-00
D.S.O. Divisional U-17 Championship00 Girls / 05 BoysGold-00, Silver-02, Bronze-02
D.S.O. Divisional U-14 Championship01 Girls / 03 BoysGold-00, Silver-02, Bronze-01
D.S.O. State U-16 (Rgkka) Championship00 Girls / 03 BoysGold-00, Silver-03, Bronze-00
U-12 State Association Championship01 Girls / 00 BoysGold-00, Silver- 00, Bronze- 00
U-15 State Association Championship00 Girls/ 05 BoysGold-00, Silver-02, Bronze- 01
HockeyD.S.O. District U-17 Championship16 Girls/ 16 BoysWinner
D.S.O. District U-19 Championship16 Girls/ 16 BoysWinner
D.S.O. District Nehru Cup U-17 Championship16 BoysWinner
D.S.O. Mahila Championship16 GirlsWinner
D.S.O. Divisional U-17 Championship16 Girls/ 16 BoysBoys- Bronze, Girls -Silver
D.S.O. Divisional U-19 Championship16 Girls/ 16 BoysBoys- Bronze, Girls -Silver
D.S.O. Divisional Nehru Cup U-17 Championship16 BoysBoys- Silver
D.S.O. Mahila Divisional Championship16 GirlsGirls- Silver
ThrowballD.S.O. District U-17 Championship12 GirlsWinner
D.S.O. Divisional U-17 Championship12 GirlsSemi Final
Mes Inter School U-17 Girls10 BoysWinner
BoxingDistrict School Championship20 Boys & Girls7 Gold, 05 Silver, 02 Bronze
Divisional School Championship08 Boys & Girls02 Gold, 04 Silver, 02 Bronze
State School02 Boys01 Bronze
District Jr. and Sub Jr. Championship10 Boys& Girls14 Gold, 01 Silver
State Level Sub Jr. Championship08 Boys01 Gold, 01 Silver and 01 Bronze
Basket BallMes Inter School
U-14 Girls
07 GirlsWinner
Mes Inter School U-14 Boys08 BoysWinner
Mes Inter School
U-19 Girls
08 GirlsWinner
FootballDistrict School Championship U-17 Girls16 GirlsSemi Final
District School U-17 Boys16 BoysSemifinal
District School Championship U-19 Boys16 BoysQuarter Final
District School U-19 Girls16Runners -Up
Mes Inter School U-19 Girls10 GirlsWinner
Mes Inter School Championship U-17 Girls10 GirlsWinner
Mes Inter School Championship U-17 Boys10 BoysRunners-Up
AhleticsMes Inter School Athletics70 Boys & GirlsThird
District School Championship12 Boys & Girls05 Gold, 03 Silver
Divisional School Championship04 Boys03 Gold, 02 Silver
State School Championship03 Boys02 Gold, 02 Silver, 01 Bronze
National School Championship02 BoysParticipation
State School Federation09 Boys05 Gold, 03 Silver
West Zone Athletics05 Boys02 Gold, 02 Silver, 02 Bronze
Jr. National Athletics04 BoysParticipation

Sports Report 2012-13

EventTournamentNo. of ParticipantsPosition
AthleticsDistrict School1112 - Gold
11 - Silver
AthleticsDivision Athletic0605 - Gold
05 - Silver
01 - Bronze
AthleticsState Jr.0603 - Gold
03 - Silver
AthleticsSchool State0402 - Gold
03 - Silve
AthleticsGramin District0404 - Gold
AthleticsGramin Division0403 - Gold
01 - Bronze
AthleticsInter State West Zone0201 - Silver
01 - Bronze
AthleticsJr. National0401 - 6th position
03 - participation
AthleticsSchool National0301 - 5th position, 02 participation
AthleticsGramin State0201 - Silver
01 - Bronze
AthleticsGramin National0201 - Finals
01 - Semifinal
AthleticsSchool District4409 - Gold
13 - Silver
09 - Bronze
FootballSchool Division0901 - Gold
05 - Silver
03 - Bronze
FootballSchool State0101 - Bronze
FootballAssociation Dsitrict2402 - Gold
06 - Silver
04 - Bronze
FootballJr. State0201 - Gold
FootballJr. National01Semifinals
HockeyCBSE National Meet1001 - Bronze
HockeySchool District (U - 17 boys & girls) U - 19 boys)3603 - Team Winners
HockeyGramin District2402 - Team Winners
Table tennisWomen District06Winner
TaekwondoGramin Division1201 - Team Winners, 01 - Runners-up
TaekwondoState Gramin06Participation
TaekwondoNational Gramin02Participation
TaekwondoState School01Participation
TaekwondoNational School01Participation
TaekwondoJr. State04Participation
TaekwondoSr. State07q/f
Throw ballState Chatrapati Cup03Participation
Throw ballSchool District (U - 19 & girls, U -17 boys)2002 - Team Winners
VolleyballSchool Division124th position
VolleyballDistrict School (U - 14, U - 17, U - 19 boys & girls)3602 - Winner
VolleyballNehru Cup Jr. Hockey16Semifinals
VolleyballDivision1601 - runner up
VolleyballSubrato Cup District Football16Semifinals
VolleyballDivisional Schools02Semifinals
VolleyballMES Inter School32u - 14 girls - 3rd position, U - 19 girls – runner-up
VolleyballGramin District16Semifinal
VolleyballMES Interschool32U - 14 girls
– runner-up
U - 14 boys – Runner-up
U-19 boys Runners-up
VolleyballMES Interschool03Participation

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